UltraDuration Liquid for Brows - Lips - Microblading - Plasma - Derma needling

UltraDuration Liquid for Brows - Lips - Microblading - Plasma - Derma needling

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Need pain control for lips and Microblading? This is the MUST HAVE anesthetic for lips! Liquid “Ultra” works fast. Dab over broken skin to control pain and swelling especially for lips. You can use it also for brows and derma needling.
For best results put in a separate large pigment cup and apply over lips 2-3 times during lip procedure. Buff lip-line and apply for quick numb.
It can be used alone or in addition to Fast Num. Keeps pain under control longer.



1. Make hairstrokes lightly WITHOUT Pigment. Yep! No color!
2. DAB Ultra Duration over the Brow with a cotton swab
3. RUB pigment over brow.
4. Wait about 3-5 minutes.
5. Go to 2nd Brow: Repeat these steps. Stroke, Dab, Rub, Wait.
6. Return to 1st Brow. Dab clean.
7. Apply the prenumb lightly and remove excess.
8. Observe your brow for any visible hairstrokes.
9.  Do you like your pattern of hairstrokes? Direction? Curve? Length? Placement?
10. Make adjustments and begin.
11. Do NOT clean the skin yet. RUB in pigment and keep going.
12. At end of procedure, press in pigment and add a little prenumb and let sit for 10 minutes.
13. Prior to leaving, clean brow gently so it photographs well and doesn’t look greasy.
14. Send client home with your aftercare ointment and explain they must keep their hands and face clean.
15. You should NOT spend more than about 40 minutes on the procedure to avoid overworking the skin.

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