Fast Num for all areas

Fast Num for all areas

  • £36.00

Fast Num has a proprietary formulation for fast delivery of active ingredients providing fast absorption, and long lasting effect. Fast Num is specifically formulated to temporarily relieve pain . The onset may begin 15 – 20 minutes after application and may take full effect within 30 – 60 minutes.


Not for eyeliner, we recommend you: Microcaine

Little to No Pain:

Well, this is obvious benefit of using Fast NumIt dulls your pain and discomfort occurring from the process. Sometime, pain and swelling may also delay the tattoing session which means another payment to the artist...Generally, a numbing cream like Fast Num can keep your skin numbed for up to 2 hours. It is useful if you have to undergo a long tattooing process lasted for hours.

Wrap the Skin:

Use a plastic wrap or plastic cling to cover your skin post application. It will generate heat that maypotent the numbing effect. However, don’t apply it for longer. After remove the cover, wipe off the cream.

You will experience numbness within 20-25 minutes after application. After one hour or the mentioned time frame, you skin will be ready for a painless tattooing.


  • Avoid applying the cream on broken or injured skin as it can enter the bloodstream. It shouldn’t be applied on sensitive skin either.

  • Talk to your doctor if you have any health condition.

  • Avoid applying numbing cream on the tongue, near eyes or inside the nose.

  • Avoid using heating pad to generate the heat. Always use plastic wrap.

  • Don’t wear the cream more than the mentioned time frame on the pack.